Terms and conditions

At Once Upon a Flower we want to ensure that every moment is special for everyone so we have some simple terms and conditions to ensure the best of standards are met for all.

Quotes & Bookings

  • Your quote will be valid for 10 days. After 10 days, the quote expires & no items will be on put on hold.
  • To secure your desired items, a 50% deposit is required.
  • A security bond between $100-200 must be paid upon confirmation of booking and payment of deposit. The Security bond is refundable upon return of items in the same condition.
  • All quotes will include hiring costs as well as delivery & setup costs.
  • Fees may apply for items which require complex set ups. This will be made aware to you once booking.
  • Any deposits not paid by the due date will result in an automatic cancellation of your order.


Some cancellations will result in loss of fees, depending on the amount of notice given. This is due to the process of preparation and making of the item(s) is lengthy as some items are handmade.

  • Less than one month will result in complete loss of deposit;
  • Less than three months will result in 50% loss of deposit; and
  • Less than six months will result in 25% loss of deposit.

Payment & Minimum spend

Minimum spend of $50 for pick-up and delivery option.

Payment options include: Bank transfer or Cash. All quotes and Invoices will be e-mailed to your preferred address inclusive of payment details.

Pick up & Delivery

  • Both options are available upon request; however some items are only available for delivery due to their delicate set up requirements and safety handling.
  • Not all items are available as DIY option.
  • Pick up & drop off times will be negotiated to suit both parties.
  • All goods must be returned within 3 days, however this can be negotiable. Late returns without notice will result in late fees.
  • All items are wrapped for protection. Please return the same way.
  • We will not be responsible for cleaning of the area in which items are set up.
  • Valid driver’s licence for proof of identification is required.

Liability/ Indemnity Clause

A checklist of received items will be given to you. Once the checklist is signed by you, you become liable for any damaged goods. Upon signing these terms and conditions, you agree that while the hired items are in your care, Once upon a Flower will not cover any accidental/damages/breakage costs that may result to items in your care at the location which the items have been delivered to. Any lost or stolen items will result in loss of security bond.

Important notice: The risk remains with the supplier and passes to you only when goods are in your procession. If hired goods are returned in the same condition, the bond is fully refundable. If there are any damages such as breaks, tears, dints, exedra, a fair percentage will be deducted; this amount is up to the discretion of the company. If hired goods are damaged and no longer able to be recovered, the full amount of the bond will be deducted; this decision again is up to the company. No responsibility for any damage, accident or breakages to your own property or yourself or others caused by any items hired from Once Upon a Flower will be taken. Once Upon a Flower will be relinquished from all liabilities, resulting from damages in any way, arising from harm, injury, death, loss of income, damage to property or persons, caused to the hirer or associated users in respect of the equipment and/or services at all relevant to this event.